Carleigh Morgan

16 Carleigh Morgan

Carleigh Morgan

Games Researcher; International Esports Leader Associate Director

A PhD Research Candidate at King’s College, London investigating professional gaming and digital subjects.

Currently the Associate Program Director for the International Esports Leaders Think Tank, an international research portal dedicated to promoting high quality esports research, overseeing public engagement activities and collaborations between the esports sector and academic publishing, and acting as a hub for researchers to share and cultivate cutting edge esports research with the general public. My personal goal is to advocate for inclusivity and diversity in gaming by celebrating the accomplishments of women in esports, making women more visible in the esports sector, advising on policy and regulatory frameworks that combat discrimination, and contributing to actionable programs that promote gender equality in gaming.


September 7, 2016
Panel. Expanding Horizons: eSports
King William 315
10.30  -  11.00